Melodia Hill Plant Farm is a wholesale grower specializing in plant material for the challenging Tennessee climate, from frosty Knoxville to sultry Memphis.


We have over 30 years of growing experience in Zones 6 and 7 and we know how important it is, both for you and your customers, to have plant material that will be successful in this area. This is a feature that will help set you apart from the box stores. Many of our plant selections have been trialed at UT Extension gardens in Jackson and Knoxville.  In addition, we are certified as a Master Producer through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  


Located just outside of Jackson, TN, we are LOCAL growers who understand the local challenges of heat, drought, torrential rains and occasional extreme cold. We are also close enough that we can deliver product on a WEEKLY basis. And we are small enough to truly focus on quality and personal customer service.

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