• Unsurpassed QUALITY and SELECTION!

  • Locally grown material which means the product is already acclimated.

  • We grow our perennials cold for better performance, pest and disease resistance.

  • We provide consistently sized containers and colorful tagging.

  • Minimum orders of only $500, pick up or delivery.

  • Weekly deliveries available to Memphis and Nashville area. Other areas can be scheduled as we are able build an adequate load.

  • Delivery fees are 10% of invoice, $50 minimum.

  • Lower minimums and frequent deliveries keep your inventory FRESH.

  • Frequently updated inventory can help you better manage cash flow and valuable space.

  • Weekly delivery can help you respond faster to special requests from your customers.

  • Smaller trucks are easier and faster for your staff to unload so they can get back to selling!

  • Orders are available for pick up at the farm by appointment

  • Custom growing available.


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